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Grammer Nautic AVENTO Seats

Grammer Nautic AVENTO range of seats from Thomas Scott Seating offer you the best in motorboat seating quality, in terms of both comfort and functionality. Our Grammer Nautic Seats subsume both of these attributes and come at a great price as well. The Grammer Nautic PROLINE range of seats have  DNV-GL Type approved acc. to HSC 2000, Annex 10 for design levels 1 and 2: gcoll up to 12g .

The GRAMMER AVENTO sportsline range offers suspension seating with low profile height for maximum comfort in larger seas, all seats are UV and salt water tested for outdoor use.

Motorboat operators can now benefit from something that professionals around the globe have been enjoying for decades.

We are talking about the first full-suspension powerboat seats with ground-breaking, pioneering suspension technology. Our full-suspension powerboat seats optimally absorb vibrations and hard jolts thanks to a revolutionary cushioning technology and support the body even in extreme driving situations. They take seating comfort to a whole new level.

Thomas Scott Seating can supply the full range of suspension seats by GRAMMER SEATING for motorboats and ranging up to larger vessels ( see PROLINE seats)

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